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"Your products are really good. That's why I order them here at Winnipeg."
J. Richard Stevenson

Body Care


When we're young, our bodies are resilient. But as we age, we need more and more help to overcome our aches, pains, weight gains and health challenges.

All natural products by Nature's Essence Aromatherapy help your body to be its best every day. So give your body a natural boost. Break down cellulite. Soften and reduce scar tissue. Conceal varicose veins. Feeling and looking better has never been easier.

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Cellulite Blend Cellulite Blend
Break down unsightly cellulite deposits.
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Foot Massage Oil Foot Massage Oil
For tired, painful, sore and over worked feet
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Joint & Muscle Relief Joint & Muscle Relief
Intended for pain in the joints, e.g. arthritis, or muscular pains and strains.
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Massage Oil-Relax Massage Oil-Relax
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Slimming Oil Slimming Oil
An exotic blend of botanical essences that helps to break down fat cells & hasten their elimination from the body.
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Varicose Relief Varicose Relief
For better looking veins and better looking legs!
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