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"I always had cold due to allergies. Your "Allergy Relief" cured me.
- Cheryl Villaran "

Immune Boost



This blend works in two ways.
(1) It boosts your immune system and enables it to ward off invasions by microbes.
(2) It actually supports your immune system by directly attacking the invading microbes (bacteria / viruses etc).

Contains: Thyme, Niouli, Lavender, Juniper, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree & Lemon.

Directions: Inhale several times a day. May be used in diffuser (6 drops) or bath (8 drops). Apply 2 or 3 drops to soles of feet. May also be used as a body massage (10-15 drops in 15ml Canola). Use with caution if pregnant.

Bottle size: 12ml

$19.99 CAD

All prices are in Canadian dollars